What is Vega Imaging Informatics?

Vega Imaging Informatics is a company comprised of a team of industry experts with specialized skills in the field of imaging informatics.  Our mission is to create value for our clients through quality imaging informatics services and solutions.  Our company offers a wide range of services and solutions that can help virtually any organization associated with medical imaging to save money, solve problems, streamline workflow, increase user satisfaction, optimize security strategies, improve quality of care and much more.  Our experts have extensive experience in the field and can help any organization, large or small, on the journey to imaging informatics excellence.

What is Imaging Informatics?

Imaging informatics can be defined as a field where information science, computer science and health imaging meet.  This sub-specialty focuses on how medical images are used and exchanged within healthcare systems.  The American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII) defines the certification and continuing education standards for professionals practicing in this field.  A professional who is able to prove his/her competency through a board exam covering the main pillars of imaging informatics including:  procurement, project management, operations, communications, training/education, image management, IT, systems management, clinical engineering and medical imaging informatics is designated as a Certified Imaging Informatics Professional (CIIP) and can be trusted to maintain a baseline understanding of the core components of imaging informatics.

Why was Vega Imaging Informatics created?

President and CEO, Luke Bideaux, founded Vega Imaging Informatics to create value for its clients around the world through quality imaging informatics services and solutions.  Vega's core objectives are to:

  • Deliver outstanding imaging informatics-related services and solutions to its clients
  • Earn respect as an industry leader in the field of Imaging Informatics
  • Be a driver for changes in healthcare that lead to improved patient outcomes

Is Vega Imaging Informatics owned or operated by any specific imaging informatics vendors?

Vega Imaging Informatics is independently owned and is not controlled by any outside vendors.  This independence provides our team the freedom to assist with imaging informatics-related technology from virtually any vendor.  We can help manage the procurement, implementation and support of virtually any imaging informatics technology, but our clients are always free to work directly with the vendor on any of those components.  At Vega Imaging Informatics, it is our goal to make sure that our clients’ needs are met and that we work together with all vendor partners to achieve our clients’ goals.

What types of organizations does Vega Imaging Informatics work with?

There are no organizations too large or too small for Vega Imaging Informatics.  Our company is equipped to help large hospital health systems, standalone outpatient imaging centers, teleradiology organizations, mobile radiology companies, and even independent radiologists.  Vega Imaging Informatics is based out of Long Beach, California, USA, but is able to assist organizations anywhere in the world.