Technology Solutions


Cloud Hosting Platform

Vega Imaging Informatics is able to host technology solutions, such as PACS, RIS, VNA, and Voice Recognition systems in their reliable, secure, and fully-monitored datacenter environment. Vega's Cloud Hosting Platform is compatible with technology solutions from a variety of PACS/RIS/VNA/VR vendors. Eliminate the IT headaches and staffing challenges of hosting your own IT systems, and choose a provider that has the expertise in imaging informatics to manage your environment successfully. Ask us how our hosting platform can help your organization reap the financial and operational benefits of moving to the cloud!


Imaging Informatics Systems

Vega Imaging Informatics offers industry-leading imaging informatics systems at astonishingly affordable prices. Our expert imaging informatics consultants tailor solutions to your organizations needs based on technology solutions from a variety of vendors, providing a truly unique buying experience. Our offerings include:

  • PACS
  • RIS
  • VNA
  • DICOM Routers
  • Image Sharing Solutions
  • Workflow Orchestration Tools
  • AI Solutions
  • Universal Viewers
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    Integration Solutions

    Does your imaging practice suffer from integration challenges? Don't worry, you're not alone. Imaging practices worldwide often experience challenges with disparate systems and information silos that make it difficult to provide an appropriate level of patient care. Vega Imaging Informatics has the tools and expertise to solve your organization's DICOM, HL7, API, URL, or custom integration challenges to enable exceptional patient care outcomes. Our solutions help integrate EMRs, PACS, RIS, Patient Portals, Voice Recognition Systems, AI Systems, modality equipment and virtually all other systems that are used in a medical imaging practice.