Support Services

Clinical Imaging Informatics Support

From the front desk staff to the radiologist, Vega Imaging Informatics can help support your clinical staff with IT challenges that general IT support groups are not able to solve.  If your radiologists' first line of support is to speak with the IT help-desk regarding their hanging protocol issue, or if your technologists are having to spend hours on the phone with service vendors solving problems that are outside of their area of expertise, then maybe it's time to introduce a level of imaging informatics support to your existing IT support structure.  Our team of expert imaging informatics professionals can integrate seamlessly into your existing IT support teams to offer the clinical imaging informatics expertise that your clinicians deserve.  Contact us today to learn more.

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Radiology IT Support Services

At Vega Imaging Informatics, we understand what it takes to manage technology in radiology.  We understand that it is unacceptable for the fax service to be down for an hour during the business day when there are potentially critical results to be delivered.  We understand the frustration levels of radiologists when image loading speeds are affected due to network congestion.  We understand the lines that form at the front desk because the scanner isn't working.  We understand radiology IT because we've been there.  Contact us today to discuss your radiology IT needs and how Vega Imaging Informatics help.

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Staffing Support

Is your organization in need of imaging informatics professionals that can assist on a short or long-term basis?  If so, don't hesitate to see how Vega Imaging Informatics can help fill those gaps.  Vega Imaging Informatics has been brought in by numerous organizations to manage day-to-day operations, lead complex imaging informatics projects or provide oversight and feedback on major imaging informatics-related decisions.  Our company has a extensive network of imaging professionals who are able to assist organizations in the United States and worldwide.