Data Services


De-identified Medical Imaging Data

Vega Imaging Informatics provides de-identified medical imaging datasets for AI developers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations in the medical field.  We deliver data according to client specifications, greatly reducing the time it takes to develop new solutions based on medical imaging data.  Our pricing is extremely competitive and our quality of service is second to none.  Vega is able to provide data from all medical imaging specialties, including MRI, CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, Ophthalmology, Mammography, and more.  Contact us today to learn how Vega Imaging Informatics can become an important data provider for your organization.


Medical Imaging Data Migrations

If your organization is preparing to migrate medical imaging data, turn to the experts at Vega Imaging Informatics to get the job done right.  Moving DICOM and non-DICOM medical imaging data requires a great amount of domain knowledge to be done correctly.  Vega Imaging Informatics has Certified Imaging Informatics professionals and industry-leading migration tools to make sure your migration is performed efficiently and smoothly.  Our migration engineers are standing by, so call us today to learn more about how our team of experts can provide your organization with quality migration services at a competitive price.


Data Services for Clinical Research

Vega Imaging Informatics has the tools and expertise in medical imaging informatics to help your organization achieve its clinical research goals.  We provide assistance with the processing of medical imaging data for clinical trials.  Our technology has been utilized by some of the largest and most prestigious research institutions in the world.  Contact us now to learn how the professionals at Vega Imaging Informatics can add additional expertise and innovation to your next clinical research initiative.

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