Consulting Services

It takes extraordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.  Our consultants have built their careers upon honesty, trust and reliability.  Allow us to help your organization redefine possibilities and achieve excellence in imaging informatics.

Support Services

Discover the advantages of working with an IT support team that understands the needs of imaging providers.  Our support professionals can supplement your existing IT support team to offer specialized on-site, and remote support.

Legal Services

Our team provides expert witness services to objectively review case details and can provide testimony on our findings.  Also, our team can help your organization align with federal, state and local government requirements to keep your imaging practice in legal compliance.


Experts You Can Trust

Our consultants are committed to doing what is right, not what is easy.  Vega Imaging Informatics is 100% committed to honesty, trust and reliability in everything we do.  Our team does not back down from challenges and will do what it takes to earn the trust of our clients through superior performance every time.


Captains of the Enterprise Imaging Sea

At Vega Imaging Informatics, our goal is to help your organization navigate the waters of enterprise imaging and reach your destination gracefully.  For many organizations, the journey begins with identifying what that destination is, and then developing organized plans on how we will get there together.  Without proper enterprise imaging guidance, the destination can seem uncertain, and the path can seem unclear.  Contact us today to learn more about how our team of imaging informatics experts can help map out your enterprise imaging strategy and help captain your organization's journey.

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